FAQs about Sport Physicals
By Pediatrics of Central Florida, PA
September 24, 2019
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Is your child ready for competitive sports or a new high-octane activity? At Pediatrics of Central Florida in Kissimmee, your team of eight pediatricians perform pre-participation sports physicals to assess physical development, level of condition and other markers of readiness. This required evaluation is key to your child's enjoyment of the sport and to your peace of mind about his or her health.

FAQs about sports physicals in Kissimmee

What is a sports physical?

A sports physical is an in-office medical examination which evaluates a child's or teen's height, weight, hearing, eyesight, vital signs, muscular development, flexibility, medical and medication history, previous injuries, and more. Also, it may include an electrocardiogram, or EKG, to uncover any heart rhythm issues, and administration of any needed vaccinations. A thorough examination reveals potential physical problems before the youngster starts his school sport or participation in a organizational activity such as martial arts, dance or little league ball.

Are there required forms to return to the school or club?

Your school district or club will tell you what paperwork it requires before your child begins his or her activity.

Are the exams different for boys and girls?

At puberty, yes, they are different. Your pediatrician watches girls for something called the female athlete triad--that is, weak bones, irregular menstruation, and inadequate nutrition.

My child has asthma. Will this disqualify him from sports?

No, likely it will not, especially if the condition is well-controlled. However, your child's doctor may change his medication or ask him to monitor his breathing more carefully as the sports season progresses.

Could my child actually fail the physical?

Unless your pediatrician discovers something unforeseen, your child should be fine. However, some youngsters are allowed to participate even when there is a health problem as long as certain accommodations or restrictions are followed. The doctor will note these on the physical form.

Some teens experience cardiac problems when participating in sports. Will the exam catch a potential problem?

The Heart Rhythm Society reports that sudden cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death among young athletes, ahead of traumatic head injury. As such, an EKG proves a useful tool is catching unexpected heart problems before they express themselves on the playing field. Ask your physician at Pediatrics of Central Florida if this simple diagnostic test is right for your youngster.

Learn more about sports physicals

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